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Being a Bodybuilder - What's it All About?

Being a Bodybuilder - What's it All About?

The word “bodybuilder” brings up some unique images for folks. Generally not the positive kind either.

If you are thinking of a male, we tend to immediately think of some muscle bound gorilla who uses steroids, carries a gallon of water, screams while he lifts, sweats like a maniac, has veins popping everywhere, and ultimately is trying to get you to pound protein shakes in the parking lot with him. 

If you are thinking of a woman, usually people just take the above and slap a wig on it along with a bunch of slurs about how “unfeminine” or “ugly” that woman is, and how she is probably really a he.

There are some truths to the above.  The Olympia (the biggest Bodybuilding competition in the world showcases some folks just like this www.MrOlympia.com).  These people certainly are nothing like you right? YOU CAN’T BE A BODYBUILDER… RIGHT?

The truth of the matter is that generally speaking, bodybuilders are AVERAGE folks with ABOVE AVERAGE intensity and discipline.  They look like normal men and women most of the year, are picky with their diet but not too nutty unless it’s close to a show, and simply want to be the best version of themselves.  A lot compete naturally (i.e. no drugs), keep their figures (as women), and don’t scream at you in the gym.   

Bodybuilders are generally also not professional athletes. Most people in the sport have one, two, or even three other jobs.  They work long hours in the real world, and then they MAKE time for lifting, cardio, and nutrition.

They do not have more hours in the day than you. They simply choose to sacrifice other things to work at their craft.  This may be sleep, happy hours, dinners, TV time, social outings, etc.  They know what the top priorities in their life are, and keep those in sight in all that they do.  It’s like the world’s most time consuming hobby.  That’s all it really is though at the end of the day: a hobby.

Don’t feel like you CAN’T do it, or aren’t built for it.  Remember, average folks with above average intensity and discipline are who compete. Not ONLY people with long athletic backgrounds or great genetics or who take scary cocktails of drugs. Average people---like me!

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