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Owner and founder Sarah Reinecke built W.I.T.H. out of a love and passion for watching people succeed. As a personal trainer and bodybuilding athlete, she realized the STRENGTH that comes from a having a village of folks not just BEHIND you, but standing NEXT to you--cheering you on. She has been a runner, a Yogi, a Crossfitter, Bodybuilder, Gym Rat, and Obstacle Racer. Always on the look-out for her next big adventure, fitness keeps her heart strong physically and happy spiritually.

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Sarah Reinecke

What we Do

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Feel like you are in a rut? Want to get a healthier and happier body but don’t feel like giving up ALL joy in life to do so? We want to work WITH you on a FLEXIBLE dieting plan THAT ISN’T A DIET. Cutting, bulking, or just getting that tummy lean, we’re here for you! Send us a message!

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Thinking about competing? Not sure where to start or if you are ready? We are here to answer questions about training, nutrition, and all things show prep! Let’s build you a custom package!

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Personal Training

Looking for a trainer? Whether you have a fabulous home gym or are looking for a new gym to call your home, we can work WITH you on a program that kicks butt!

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Free Consultation

Sometimes just ASKING for help is the hardest part. We get that somewhere in between body wraps, skinny teas, and scary workouts that involve puking, you just want to feel better, look better, and be stronger, BUT IT’S CONFUSING OUT THERE! Let’s talk goals. Let’s talk future. Let’s just talk. We want to know you!

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Results Don't Lie

Not models. Not actors. Not images stolen off the internet. Just real people who wanted to feel stronger, healthier, and let’s be honest, look better naked. Eating with a purpose, training with a plan, and ending the day like a BOSS. Team Whatever It Takes GET’S RESULTS.

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